1. Close familiarity or friendship; closeness

2. A private cozy atmosphere

Intimacy. Immediately for many persons that word conjures images of dim lights, Marvin Gaye in the background and “getting it on”, That may be the world‘s view of intimacy, but it is not the word‘s view. In fact God created intimacy and He is light. In the beginning when He said let there be light, that was because He showed up and He pretty much was proclaiming His presence. So there is no, let me repeat that NO darkness associated with true intimacy. Not sure if God really created intimacy? Okay, what’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear the word intimate? I’ll give you a second…
Sex. That’s right. Who created this type of physical intimacy? God. Check it out when He gave them the command, yes sex is a command from God – side note, He said if you love me keep my commandments. God gave Adam and Eve, individuals that He created in His “Image”, the joy, and command of sex.
You see all of God’s commandments should be a joy for us. Because we love Him, and according to His literal and verbal word, if we love Him we should keep His commandments. Are you following me? Good. Let’s continue…

One of the reasons God created sex was so that husband and wife (who were made in His image) could begin to understand the level of intimacy between the God head. 1 John 4:8 ” Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” There you have it God is love. All three of them, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit constantly experience a divine level of intimacy. When God decided to spread their love, an ingredient in intimacy; they said: Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness” Genesis 1:26a. And because they are God they did just that.
Before God created Eve, He spoke and communed with Adam. Communion is another ingredient in intimacy.  Read the first couple chapters in Genesis some time you’ll discover a lot about intimacy. While God spoke and hung out with Adam, He said that it wasn’t right for man to be alone. So before we move on, we see that God desired a relationship, and intimate relationship with Adam. But the only way that Adam could understand the bond between God who is one in the same; was to create someone like Him. I hope you are getting this. God the Father is like God the Son: Whoever has seen me has seen the Father John 14:9b. So they are one. God the Son sent God the Spirit, from the Father, who testifies of the Son (John 15:26). “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.” 1 John 5: 7

So in order for Adam to comprehend the divine level of intimacy, he would have to experience his own heaven on earth. But God needed Adam to recognize that needed that special someone to have this type of relationship. So God set Adam to work. He named all the creatures that God had made, and the word of God said: So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds in the sky and all the wild animals. But for Adam no suitable helper was found.” Genesis 2:20 In the same light, God needs us to recognize that we need Him. We need to see even though we are surrounded by many ‘others’ as Adam was, we need to come to the realization that we need God.
Adam sees that he’s alone, but as soon as he recognizes it God puts him to sleep and works on Eve. When Adam saw Eve, immediately he was like “bone of my bone flesh of my flesh”. He knew that sistah was for him. God then gave them the command: 1.) leave father and mother and cleave to one another 2.) be fruitful and multiply.

Why those two commands? First off when you are with God, you need to kiss everyone else good – bye because it’s you and Him time. Then He said to cleave, that means to be one! Where do we hear this command in the New Testament? Oh yeah from Jesus in John 17 when Christ prays for His followers that they would be one, like He and His Father are one! Another ingredient in intimacy, you have to be one, don’t add people or things in it that do not belong, that defeats the point of being intimate.
After you have been intimate with your partner, whether it be God or your spouse you should be able to produce fruit! If you are not producing fruit then you need to check your relationship. Someone is being dishonest, because the second most important ingredient in intimacy is trust. And face it if it’s your relationship with God, whose the dishonest one…

Last thing I want to bring out with intimacy is that you can not be intimate with just anyone it does not work out that way. God is intimate within Himself and He desires, the God of the universe desires, to be intimate with you! And He placed intimacy between husband and wife, family and close friends (yes you can be intimate with friends – Jesus had three of them Peter, James and John that He took everywhere even though He had the twelve) all on different levels, just so we can be intimate with Him.

Ladies if you are talking to a guy and hanging out and are practically “together” but he doesn’t want to give you that “title” because he just isn’t ready, but he wants to sleep with you? Then he’s treating you like a concubine (side chick). Not a prostitute because he’s not paying you for ‘intimacy’. He wants to be intimate with you without the “title” or “rules” that comes straight from Satan. He told the angels that they could be in an intimate relationship, be righteous without God.
And if you think that being a concubine is okay, then check yourself because Jesus’ blood cost way too much for you be a concubine and not a bride. So solidify your relationship with God, just as Adam did before he met Eve, so when the Holy Spirit brings to you the one that you are to be intimate with on divine level, you’ll know it because you have been intimate with God.