Our Broken Condition


People are broken.

That’s our condition.

We enter this world and if we are lucky we begin to bond with those who gave us birth. Some of us never even get to meet our biological parents. And for those of us who are lucky enough to, we soon realize that they’re not perfect. In fact far from it. They hurt us, even when it’s on accident.

Sure, we can’t chose our family so we create our own subfamily groups, with the title friends. But soon they hurt us too, and before we know it we are in a perpetual cycle of hurting people and getting hurt. Why? Why not just walk away?

Because there’s something within us that is driving us. A force beyond our control. We are born with a desire to connect. We have been created to long for relationships, regardless of how dysfunctional they may be…

We’re broken, but want to be whole. So how do we become whole once we’ve been shattered into pieces? It’s clear our parents, lovers, friends cannot do it. We need them, but unfortunately they are not enough. What drives us to fill that intimate desire to belong?

“Let us create man in Our image.” Those are the words that God spoke before bending down on His knees to mold and sculpt humanity. Then He got down in the face of what He had created and “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.”

That was Adam’s first action when he was brought into life. He saw God. His eye lids fluttered and there was God, a proud parent smiling down at His son. The two had an instant connection.

But as the story goes, the connection got broken. And the cycle continued generation to generation of broken people, trying to get the most amazing connection one could ever experience, without the One doing the connecting.

And so, He had to do something. He came. He lived. He died. He became broken. God became broken so that we could be whole. Apparently that’s what the entire Bible is about. Broken relationships trying to become whole again.

People are broken

That’s our condition.

But we can change. Because of His sacrifice, we can be whole. That’s what condition we’re addressing, broken relationships on a lifetime journey of being made whole again.

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